43 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Image source: Getty | Stockbyte / Karl Tapales / Kseniia Damaskin / Sharyfox; Photo illustration: Michelle Alfonso
Image source: Getty | Stockbyte / Karl Tapales / Kseniia Damaskin / Sharyfox; Photo illustration: Michelle Alfonso

If Oct. 31 crept up on you this year (or if it seems to every year), you might be left scrambling for a last-minute Halloween costume idea with only a couple of days — or hours — to get an outfit together. Hey, no shade: it happens to the best of us. Luckily, there have been approximately a zillion other people in this same situation, and they've dreamt up some of the best and easiest last-minute costume ideas that can inspire and help you in your own quest to look great.

We've rounded up a ton of creative costumes that people have worn IRL and don't require a whirlwind of Amazon Prime orders or spendy purchases on stuff you'll never wear again. Most of these last-minute costume ideas employ clothes (hey, little black dress), household items, or makeup you likely already have at home, that can be transformed into a solid — great, even — Halloween costume with just a little bit of crafting or creative thinking. There are options here for every occasion, from a sexy, adults-only Halloween party to trick-or-treating with kids, or even dressing up for work. And though these are all last-minute Halloween costumes for women, you can absolutely wear these outfits no matter your gender identity. Scroll ahead to see them all.

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Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Contestant on The Bachelor

Get all dolled up, hold a red rose, and make a bio sign to channel a contestant on the reality dating show. Props if you come up with a really ridiculous "job." If you're here for the drama, create a tear-streaked makeup look that makes it seem like you're been crying all night.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: When Life Gives You Lemons

A t-shirt, a bowl, and lemons are all you need to be the one who gets all the chuckles for your punny costume this Halloween season.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Deer

Everyone will fawn over this sweet and simple deer look. Dress in brown, twist your hair into space buns, and use these tutorials to create a deer makeup look.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Kimmy Schmidt

The bonus of dressing as the titular character from "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is that you can use what you already have in your closet. Now just be positively upbeat all night!

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Devil

Wear head-to-toe red and buy or make devil horns for this devilishly easy costume (pitchfork optional). A red power suit makes this last-minute Halloween costume work-appropriate, or don a miniskirt and fishnets for a sexy take.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Beanie Baby

Here for the 2000s nostalgia? Pick your favorite Beanie Baby animal then make a Ty tag for this easy throwback costume.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Dolores From "Westworld"

Pull out some basics from your closet that have Western style (including those cowboy boots you never wear) and top off with fake blood and a toy gun. Boom, you're Dolores from the sci-fi series "Westworld".

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Fanta Girl

Zip to the store to grab a bottle of Fanta in your favorite color, then deck yourself out in a monochrome look to match. Bonus points if you can include platform boots and a retro headband.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Stick Figure

For a creative last-minute costume most people haven't seen before, grab a roll of duct tape. To become a stick figure, simply wear all-white or all-black, and line your body with contrasting tape. Make a little face to hold up, or do your makeup to create one to complete the costume.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Velma from "Scooby-Doo"

With high socks, an orange sweater, a red mini skirt, and glasses, you can be "Scooby-Doo"'s Velma for Halloween. Add fishnets and/or heels to make it as flirty as you'd like.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Dorothy

Follow the yellow brick road with a blue gingham jumper, braids, and a pair of red flats. Don't forget Toto!

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is an icon no matter which direction you take this costume in, but you can't go wrong with a tight outfit, bunny ears, and Ariana's signature sleek, sky-high ponytail.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Bloody Victim

You can make blood drips using a hot glue gun and sticking it to your skin — so you can look all bloody without the mess!

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Morton Salt Girl

If you're looking for a costume that's simple and sweet, grab a yellow dress and an umbrella to become Morton Salt's iconic label (but please don't blame us if you get bad luck for opening an umbrella indoors o spilling salt on the floor).

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Regina George From "Mean Girls"

Cut circles out of the front of a white tank top and pair it with a black skirt to be a very unbothered Regina George.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Holly Golightly From Breakfast at Tiffany's

Audrey Hepburn's iconic character is popular — and very easy — Halloween costume to re-create, even at the last-minute. It requires a black dress, a big necklace, and sunglasses. You'll also need to pile your hair on top of your head and attach a fancy barrette or clip to it.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Cousin Itt

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Scarecrow

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: The Rock Costume

Most people have seen that classic meme of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from the '90s, and his outfit makes for a great last-minute costume for women, men, or anyone, really. You'll just need a turtleneck sweater, a gold chain, fanny pack, and some light-wash jeans.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: A Target Dollar Spot Haul

Everyone knows that the Target dollar spot is where it's at. Swing by a Target and grab a big bag — or pull one out of your stash — and cut holes in your legs for quite possibly the easiest last-minute costume ever.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Domino

Domino was one of the best parts of "Deadpool 2", and you could be one of the best parts of your Halloween party by channeling her look.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Cat Burglar

Cat ears, a striped shirt, and money bag are all you need to be a cat burglar for an easy last-minute Halloween costume.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Brawny Man

Dig out that red and black flannel from the back of the closet and carry around a roll of paper towels for this easy DIY costume.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Trash

To be garbage, literally just outfit yourself in a trash bag — don't forget to tie the red bag string around your ponytail. If you're feeling ambitious, you can attach some pieces of "trash" to the top or bottom of the bag as well for added flair.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Cat Without Cat Ears

If you have cat ears, dressing up as a cat is one of the easiest last-minute Halloween costumes out there. But if you don't have them, you can even easily create cat ears by braiding your hair, like this Instagrammer does. Genius, right?

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Smarty Pants

This costume is easy, cute, and easy to whip up at a moment's notice, as long as you can grab some Smarties candy from the store. Dress up in geek chic, and then stick on a bunch of Smarties rolls.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Iron Chef

Foodies and chemistry-lovers alike will have a laugh over this "Iron Chef" costume. With an apron, ladle, and a piece of paper, you can craft this last-minute costume for women, men, or people of any gender identity.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Rosie the Riveter

If you have a red bandana, you can easily be the iconic Rosie the Riveter. Pair the bandana with an all-denim outfit, and then practice your bicep flex.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Arthur's Fist Meme

This costume is a two-for-one: you get to be everyone's favorite aardvark, Arthur Read, as well as everyone's favorite meme, Arthur's Fist. All you need is a yellow sweater, round frames, and some craft skills to make a set of ears and a cardboard frame.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Mummy

The undead will have never looked hotter. Use some white base layers and strategically wrapped gauze for this slinky, sexy mummy costume. If you're making this Halloween costume at the absolute last minute an don't have gauze, you can even use toilet paper or a ripped-up sheet or pillow case to get the look.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Mime

It's easy to make the classic mime costume at the last minute as long as you have a striped top, red scarf, and maybe some suspenders. Then paint your face to seal the deal.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Freudian Slip

You don't need to have taken a single psychology class to know that this costume is both clever and sexy. If you have a slinky dress or slip at home, you just need paper, pen, and safety pins or tape to make this last-minute Halloween costume for women happen.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Raining Cats and Dogs

You know that old adage about not opening an umbrella inside? Well, it doesn't count with this costume. "Raining cats and dogs" literally calls for an umbrella, a raincoat, and some stuffed animals.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: J Lo

You couldn't watch TV or listen to your radio without seeing or hearing J Lo in the 2000s, and we still love this icon. Rock this all-white look, and emulate Jenny from the block.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Carrie Bradshaw

Channel "Sex in the City"'s fashion icon, Carrie, with her opening credits look: pink leotard, white tulle skirt, and voluminous curls.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Fruit Ninja

Dress however you feel a ninja would (i.e. all black) and carry some fruit around all night to emulate this popular game.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Killer Clown

Clowns are scary as-is, so this killer clown definitely takes it up a notch. You can DIY this last-minute costume with some fun mix-and-match clothing and face paint.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Wednesday Addams

After the release of Netflix's hit show "Wednesday", this is the year to try this last-minute costume. Take on Wednesday's gothic style with a black dress, white collar, two braids, and her trademark dead-eyed stare.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Black Cat

Black cats are symbolic of the scary part of Halloween, almost like pumpkins are to the sweet side. Make it yours depending on how scary you want to be and how much time you have. Create ears and a mask yourself with faux fur or go the makeup route.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Deviled Egg

How cute is this? Wear devil horns with a white shirt that has a yellow circle in the middle, and just like that, you're a deviled egg.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Vampire

Vampire is a classic last-minute costume for a reason. All you need is a dramatic dress and some bloody makeup, with which you can make your version of a vampire as scary or mild as you want.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Comic Book Woman

A little makeup goes a long way with this comic book-inspired look. Then dress in all-black to make your work of art pop.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume: Elle Woods

If you're blond, an easy last-minute costume idea is to channel your inner Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde." All you need is a pink outfit, glasses, heels, a cute purse, and some textbooks. Bonus points if you have a chihuahua (real or stuffed!) that can tag along.